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Welcome to Crossroads Cave, a mystical place where dragons reside...

My name is Sterling Barbett, a (wizard) Theatre major in the class of 1999 at Mary Washington College. Woohoo! Here is my hub for all things fantasy. My favorite fantasy book series is the Xanth novels by Piers Anthony, starting with the book A Spell For Chameleon. I have also learned to play Dungeons & Dragons from my dad, which is super fun. I swear it's not too nerdy. Give it a shot! I like to write too, so feel free to check out my D&D journey on my futuristic 2010-style blog here.

But yeah, yeah. Enough about me. I know what you came for...


~The Dragon Nest~

Below are all of the dragons I have adopted from the land of Galsreim on The more clicks and unique views they get, the more likely they are to grow (and less likely to die). All it takes is a simple click to help these little guys: especially the eggs and hatchlings. If you come back in a couple days, they should be grown. And who knows, maybe one day they'll reward you with some gold!

: )

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